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Providing for the poor

St. Mark AME Church

Duluth has a transient population that includes persons from all walks of life with various concerns and needs. We have various persons coming in and out of the church whose needs we are able to meet at times and others we are not. We would like to be a resource for more persons in the…
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Destiny Family Worship

We had a cross burnings a few years back.. ow we e providing goods for shelter’s and homeless put of our own money we meed hell the need is go great..God Bless
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Bethel Christian Fellowship

At Bethel Christian Fellowship our life and vitality as a congregation is dependent upon prayer. Prayer is not peripheral to our programs, it is the atmosphere in which our programs will be fruitful. The people of Bethel Christian Fellowship are committed to lovingly and intentionally giving of their financial resources, responding to requests for help…
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Good in the ‘Hood

God has called us to reach out to others with a practical expression of the gospel. One of the biblical means for demonstrating His great mercy is through intentional kindness. It says in Matthew chapter 5 verse 16, “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works,…
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We in Esperanza are committed to empower immigrant families to be informed of the U.S. systems and provide help with food insecurity by partnering with schools, local organizations by providing information about how their children can be successful in our schools, communities and life. The prerequisite skills needed for elementary, middle, high schools, alternative schools…
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